30 legitimate business ideas for students in Nigeria


You might been wondering if it's truly possible to Start a business while in school.Or if there is any Legitimate Business to Start While in school. If that has been a burden to you-entangling your already motivated mindset in becoming a business owner.Then permit me to say,it's of infinite value,you stumble into this web.We are going to take you throw a step by steps procedure proven to be stepping stone and valuable hint to Starting a legitimate business that can't possibly fall if done right. These 30 legitimate business ideas are well researched and discovered their high demands in the economy.So as a student, you are likely to make money on your own.And the most enjoying part is that, majority of the businesses listed here can be started with very little to no initial startup capital, and can still find ways through to make money with them. Hope that really sounds right? yeah! go get yourself sachets of peanuts while you follow this trend till the end, and you will discover what the aim tells.
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Legitimate businesses to start while in school

 Lately, Students were not intrigued by the aspects of running a business of their own.They however felt that running a business while in School maybe a drawback to their academic goals, but that has been then.Now with the evolution of new things, Ranging from Internet to the least.I can boldly say that the instinct has changed from Doubt to reality.Yes! This is because if you should research you're going to agree with me that,
1.Business thrives mostly now through the power of internet
2.Many booming Businesses you see today were started while it's CEO were still in either college or university.And guess what? through the power of internet, they gain thorough brand exposure,with no stress of going round the streets or marketplaces in search of customers or clients(compared to the primitive methods of Business operations).
Therefore,you can really if not before,summon courage now and Start a legitimate business in Nigeria while in School.
We stated earlier that,in this article,we are guiding you through the step by steps processes to start a business while in school.
So,you ought not to be in a hurry if really you've been yearning for information of this ilk.

At the end of this write-up,we are going to treat explicitly the following:

Why should I start a Business?

Can I succeed in Business while Studying?

How do I raise funds to start up a Business

What are the processes to undergo before starting a business
•Identify The Business You want to Start
•Research the Business
•Write Business plan
•Register the Business
•Launch your Business
How Do I Grow My Business
•Identify your audience
•Build Strong String with them
•Invest your time,passion and income
•Advertise your Business

Legitimate Businesses to start While in School

Why should I Start a business

This question 'why should I start a business'? answers the widely asked questions regarding setting up a business.This is perhaps a self-reliance questions;you ought to answer it.
But to doing that,in general;-
•you start a business with the sole aim of making profits.
•You Start a business in order to be able to cope with unexpected financial complications...your salary can't solve everything you need.
So in the other hand,as a student you need a proper clarity in starting up a business.your reasons though may differ from ours.You may want to start a business in other to compete with peers who are doing well in their own field. You may want to start a business for the purpose of mastering the basics first.But in whatever reason,the sole aim is to maximize profit.
So we recommend you go through this wide selections of  legitimate businesses to start while in School' to reduce the risking of lost. And in whatever reason also,don't forget to make a choice that fits your ego.(what works for A may turn against B)

Can I succeed in Business while in School?

To come In fast,the answer to this question is 'YES' being a student can't give your Business ground for failure.
You can start a business and run it successfully while in school.In-fact,it gives one the enthusiasm to focus on more new innovations, creative ideas and lot more.The reason for this is there are vary numbers of organizations looking for either fresh or undergraduate who's business-minded to partner with.this is so because they know the values in them.you see,there's high veracity for your Business to succeed while in school without affecting your studies in the other hand.In all, I personally do not huge you to be in great meek in accepting employment offers.create your own future,develop more creative ideas.

How do I raise funds to start a business

This reminds me of an entrepreneur who bought a bank building that denied him loan to start a business
Sounds funny?yeah it's true,a young Nigerian entrepreneur whose aim was to create,build and maintain his dreams requested a business loan in bank but was denied.But could that be enough reason to disembark from his journey?
Actually,No! He rather sourced for more links to make sure he turned his dreams real.
But how? Good! You can get fund for your Business through Bank loans.That sounds risky right? Yes,but I can boldly say that if you choose the right Business and undergo the proper steps,you are likely to make good returns irrespective of 'how or where' the financial inventory comes from.
    In a contrary,depending on whether you're starting small scale business,you can start by getting funds from Parents,Friends and relatives.
   I know you may wonder how much to collect from relatives that can set up any business mindless of how little the business maybe.But read down,and you're going to discover in details list of 5 legitimate business to start;the requirements in setting up one,the initial startup capital. 

What are the processes to undergo before starting a business

   Just as stated lately,before you can be able to succeed in anything, thorough planning and modules execution is required. there's this popular saying that 'if you fail to plan,you plan to fail.' this is true, because you can't just wake up and start writing a test in a course you know totally nothing about.if you do so,your chance of winning is very little.
You see?the same is applicable to starting a business. You need the following before starting up a business

•Identify the business
To get started at first,you need to understand what you're investing on-If it fits your area of interest and expertise.
You may find this a little complicated,but a thorough research will make you determine the field with fullest glamour.
  But to whichever field of interest; Technology,Marketing, ICT,fashion etc.
You need to carry out Business research.

•Business Research
In other to start a successful business while in school,it is therefore mandatory to put a mind,thought,focus on the basis of the business.
The basic things to consider in this angle are but not limited to,the possibility of the business to grow,
Competition and marketing analysis.

Business Plan
This is the direction through which your business reaches it's expected needs.why? If you want to start anything,just as discussed earlier you would need to sleep over such things and digest the ideas your instinct generates to you.so writing a business plans... pointing out the way your Business should grow gives more rooms to growing the business with all ego.
You may wonder why this is necessary! If you do,then consider this' You drafted a scale of preference, highlighting the most important things to your merit.By so doing,you've practically created a mental note which can't possibly do away unless fulfilled;you can only relent once you've met up with the demands.
So to surmise,to start a business,proper Business plan helps in keeping one focused in taking the Business to the level planned.

•Register the business
One of the best ways to gain high level of trust and engagement by your customers is making your Business acquires the necessary legal documents.

•Launch your Business
After all said and done,it's time to delve into the competitive market.But don't shy away in fear,we are going to disclose to you the legitimate business to start which through research,we've been able to find out they operate in a different angle.After you might have chosen your niche, it's therefore easy to know who your audiences are.And the difficulties of hunting round which seems to be tiring reduce.
Pro tips:
•Before launching any business, identify your audience first
•Create awareness
•Promise samples
•Don't let go after first order(create unbreakable links)

How Do I Grow My Business
There are many ways to grow your business.And as per field of interest,the strategies of growing a business differ.One May consider investing in huge advertisement to reach global client.while other may take the least under the advertisement method of growing a business to reach out to his clients,depending on the size of the business and resources available.

Legitimate business to start while in School

1.   Tutoring

Impacting on others what you have learnt is one way of marketing skills,and it pays high in return.As a student you can hold a private lesson cabbage for people you know or online tutorials as well.either way would still permit you spend times on other activities,and school also.if you choose offline tutoring,you can schedule your class to be on weekend while the rest of the days would be for something else.however,online tutorialsas information marketing can be done at the comfort of your zone either in the form of  blogging,eBook tutorials,video tutorials and the likes. But in either ways,it is recommended that you choose and leverage on a niche you are really good at.

2.   Freelance writing

You can work comfortably as a freelance writer,writing articles,blog post and quick response sales copy for various agencies right from the comfort of your home.
Freelance writing job is a very flexible lucrative job in the digital system;you have nothing to worry about getting hired as you'll only need an account in with freelance order website like upwork, fiverr, metowork, and hiresine.when you have an account in any of those mentioned websites,you'll get contacted based on your gig.Besides the pay,freelance writing is beneficial to your writing tricks.It calls to a better communication skills verbally and orally.So as a student,I'd recommend choosing freelance writing as your part-time job,and i will affect your studies positively.

The best online jobs for college students that pay

3.   Graphic design

Graphic design plays a vital role in creating any website.Also,logo designing banners and every sales pages designing requires the service of a graphic designer.
you can design business card and get paid.So if you have skills in the graphic designing field,As a student,you can utilize them for optimum returns and it can't affect your studies in any way.

4.   Editing business

 There are majority of higher institution students with so many assignment that need the help of someone with good typing skill.So with the help of your home computer and writing soft wares,you can start typing students' assignment as a home business.

5.   Recharge card business

As businesses begin to spread round the globe,there's high correlation between customers and goods supplier in terms of thorough communication.so venturing into recharge card business,selling legibly e-pins also would yield incredible positive impact.As a student,you can simply tap into this business as an e-pin vendor.Or buy the pin a print the recharge card at the comfort of your home computer and printing machine,and get them distributed all across as many as it can be.To buy recharge card e-pin,netdivo.com offers the services of selling encrypted epin that only their software can be able to decrypt,so the recharge pin can be printed out for distribution.

6.   Selling the past question papers

There are variety of pass examination question that always appear to the next session.so students always find all possibilities in owning these papers they can't manipulate on their own.so if you are someone above the level 100,you can start making some cool cash from your past question paper to the new comers of the same field of studies.So, If you have ever done huge papers of material for your studies that contain all the necessary information, you can try selling them for a favorable price to the students who are in a grade below you

7.   Hairdresser business

We know hair dressing is a very demanding service by the vast population.if your passion falls within,enroll in professional hairdressing course,and  can be hired.You don't have to work full-time.So as a student,indulge in this mini-jobs rendition and earn some extra cash that can aid your studies smoothly.Social media is there to help get you close to clients,you have to advertise the best samples of your work on Facebook,Instagram.If your work is  enticing enough you're sure to get hired and you'll earn some cash doing what you love.

8.   Manicure and pedicure

This business is extremely relevant these days because almost everyone want to have perfect nails with various ornaments and the likes. Men and women nowadays need the best of their nails,the reason they attend the manicure/pedicure masters.So as a student,taking advantage of this as a part-time service would go a long way i making you some cool cash while you're taking your studies as serious as possible.
You can fix a comfortable time for you and your clients and does not requires leaving your studies,No–the only requirements include special nail equipment which cost average of N3,000 and your social media self promotion skills.
Since there is a lot of competition nowadays among the manicure/pedicure masters, you have to make your works stand out and attract the potential clients,that's why social media advertisement is important in this basis.

9.   Blogging

Blogging enhances your writing skills while making you some sustainable income.So if you have a particular filed of interest that you'd like to express in writing format to entertain,inform and/or educated.Blogging comes in as one way to doing so.
Blogging is time-consuming anyways,but you can learn some pitfalls in this area of online activities,chances are that your blog is prone to gain more popularity and start making you earnings as per human effort applied.To Start a blog,content management system like blogspot, wordpress is the best choice to go for and it's not capital-intensive

10      Become a Jumia agent The most popular Online shopping platform in Africa, Jumia.com, is always in need of agents, who can work either full-time or part-time,promoting their offers,letting people go through shopping with jumia and helping them place order,all are services of a jumia.com agents. Your work will be letting people know that you are a Jumia agent, and promoting their offers on social media or your blog and bring in good leads that will in turn guarantee your earnings. It does not require any starting capital, and if you are a student, it will not take much time from you. If you go on Jumia.com website, you can learn more about the Jumia agent job there and decide whether it would be right for you.But i believe since other students have made it big in this opportunity and it pays,it can definitely be your case turn to decide on making out your best from this business. 
 11. Catering Business Working as a catering service provider can really eradicate your huge demands for money.This is to say,you'll make a good money doing this business.To become a caterer though is not as easy,but if you have the enthusiasm to working i this field as part-time job,you can join a team that provides the cooking for some big occasions and events. It can be a really lucrative job, but you have to be aware that without passion it will not take you anywhere, even if you will earn good money. So, catering job would be perfect for you only if you actually love and enjoy cooking, and are good at it. And you must know how to cope with stress.

12. Cleaning service 

Though this service is not a high needing service in the market.But the little way it can help is when you can get your self promoted even in the social media.You can get people hired you to maintain a cleaning of their new apartment before there move in.So what you do doesn't require any start up fee from you-When people hire you,they'll definitely pay a deposit to you before the start,so you get to buy the needing materials for the work througjh part of the money.

13. Photography

Photography is a very interesting and flexible job that pays.You don't need to years of practises to become professional in photographing work.All you need is a very good professional camera and a good eyes for captuiring the most exciting moments.You can start anytime irrespective of the fact that you have not had mighty experience in it,but i assure you can start earning profits anytime you start,provided your photoraph equipment are set.
If your photos are really good, then chances are that you'll be noticed by potential clients who would offer money for your services. This is how the beginning photographers become famous and influential. You can also post your photos on stock websites to make money off them.or you create your own photo stock website. Photographer’s job is a great opportunity for you to combine earning some money and doing what you love and enjoy doing at the same time.

14. Real estate agency

Real estate job is a very lucrative and relevant job of all times.people do search for a convenience dwelling place everyday,so if you can gather the needing resources,the potential skills and good communication skills as well,you can cdhoose to become a real estate agent an it amid much income in return.
All that is required of you is helping people to search for a suitable living place for them, according to their demands. You need to be reliable and have access to the genuine information to become successful in this business. Except that, you need a business card, which you can purchase for about N4,000 or even less. If you have someone who has been successful in this business,it's nice you seek the needing information and the pitfall of this buisiness from them before deeping in.

15. Personal sports trainer

This job would be nice for those students who are athletic and always keep up their physical shape. As you can see,many people are struggling to deal with weight loss.so helping them give them a good shape they require can be made easy through physical fitness.And as a student you can use the campus sporting facilities or a personal one for that matter.

16. Cake and pastries Making

Thousands of people need cakes everyday for their occassion a various other events like wedding,Birthday parties,Coronation,Launching and many other memorable events that the cutting of cake is always appreciated.So as a student,this is a great opportunity that can make you very good vcash if you can deliver as exactly as what is demanded.So, In case you always enjoyed baking cakes and pastries, you can try yourself on an entirely new level by starting accepting the offers from external clients and start making money in it. Once you develop your baking skills and start producing really beautiful and delicious cakes, the clients and money will be guaranteed to you.
social Media like linkedin,faebook page,instagram page can help get you popular to accepting offer from top clients who would pay you for service you'll need tpo handle in the comfort of your home before delivery.moreover,as a student,you can also get yourself promoted through students forum and the likes.and are sure to get your service needed someday.

17. Kerosene retail

More and more students use kerosene to cook, This choice may be as the result of high and frustrating  prices for cooking gas and the insufficient electricity supply. This is why kerosene retail can be a really profitable business these days especially amongst students.Do you agree with me that the dealers who invest in kerosene business most often receive the one hundred percent return on their primary investments. That is to say,N10,000 invested into this business can incure additional N10,000 as profits.To start this business, you can quickly set up yourself to be a retailer and begin providing services to the fellow students.


18. Event planning

Every student with great organizational skills, flexibility and active personality can become an event planner. It is a simple way for the students to make money and test their confidence. Usually, the majority of events fall on weekdays.Though not an easy job to say,to venture into this line of business you have to understudy event planning,scheduling,markup and execution.Every aspect of an event,The success and failure revolves round the event planner.so to choose this business,requires being veruy active and well developedmi  the filed of management.

19. Tailoring

Perhaps you are talented at sewing and often hear compliments about your self-made clothes.So,what are you waiting for,start by challenging yourself in doing that you love doing and get paid at same time.Even when you are in school,it's very good and a profitable business ideas to venture into and make some cool cash sweing and designing clothes for yoyr fellow students and even external clients.

20. Bead Making

Creating wonders out of beads is another lucrative business for students,especially girls.you can make great jewelry out of beads, you can try improving your skills – And as such,start making money doing just that.This can also be combined with cake making we've discussed above.make yourself known by social promotion with products sampling,and wait for influx of orders everyday.

21. Pencil drawing

The art of pencil drawing is a kind of exclusive business;it requires talent that is not common amogst people.So if you're good in this art of sketching out anything with pencil,you're on a very good move to making some cool cash.While some school and college students are out there partying, others stay at home sketching, and they have no idea about their privilege. If you are good at pencil drawing, you can post the examples of your works online or place the samples at school. Perhaps, quite soon someone will like your style and get in touch with you, offering to work together with them. The only thing you need is developing a wise marketing plan and having your own distinctive drawing style.

22. Honey selling

Though this may not be common among student,but we need it in our daily meal.It anti-oxidated composition is that which calls for major needs for honey co consumption.So as a student,you can consider this a benefit than idleness.To leverage this line,you would need a good and reliable supplier of raw honey.
You can search for someone who keeps bees. The investment that you will need to make is purchasing the containers for storing honey. Being a student, you can easily promote your honey business among others . This work is fun, and it will soon pay off if you dedicate your free time to it.

23. Selling artwork

If you need to sell your art to public,it requires high artistic and creative skills.Being a student can mean a part-time business for you while you learn at the period of learning.Now,in this present time,artist can sell their work of heart online;that's in the digital system.
When you have enough examples of your paintings, you can organize exhibitions at your school or university to advertise yourself to people and make them want to buy or request art from you.

24.Hair production retail

So many students in Nigeria nowadays try themselves in hair production retail. Lots of people, especially young ladies who have long and gorgeous hair, need the beauty products that would help them keep up the beauty and health of their locks. If you are a university student considering the start-up project, you can pay your attention to this business, mainly because a lot of your co-students could be potentially interested in purchasing your product.

25. Skin naturals production

Skin naturals are names of products made from organic or natural ingredients like aloe vera,coconut oil,shea butter and the likes.Due to the high positive effects of these natural ingrdients on the skin,they are of high demands for good skin maintenance. you can try this business. You might want to get trained on how to produce these products.And you can start marketing them.But remember,when you're rendering services,or selling products offline and online,always let your services worth testifying--let they solve problem,and do what it promised.

26. Purchasing and selling items on e-Bay

This business operates in importation and e-commerce system.With this,you can purchase products and sell them online on e-bay.com and make cool returns.With this internet store,you can buy and sell everything you consider profitable and it can't affect you studies.
Morever,if you have unused items like gadgets,or anything that has the capability to be bought and sold.

27. Cryptocurrency business

This business is quite risky but undoubtedly the most profitable online business to venture and requires a lot of knowledge, so you will have to sacrifice a lot of time to learning how cryptocurrency business works.Crypto currency is a digital asset and is decentralized and insubordinate in operation.The cryptocurrency market offers a lot of cryptocurrencies nowadays, and the most popular of them is Bitcoin. If you invest in cryptocurrency, it can pay off later. Of course, you will need at least a minimal starting capital, and the understanding of the business is of immense important.N/B:never invest in cryptocurrency with a blank knowledge of the business,else it will result in great heartfelt lost of your investment capital.

28. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a very lucrative stress-free Business when done well.In fact, it's one of the most profitable businesses to delve into(at least for the period of writing this). In case you don't know what dropshipping Business is, dropshipping or otherwise known as mini-importation is sourcing for products from suppliers or manufacturers from overseas in relatively low price,and import them to your own country.Why this business is recommended for students to engage is with as low as #50,000 you can start the business.and in the other way,you can start even when physical store is not available.

29.Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing, just as the name implies is taking part in selling other companies' product at your own disposal for commission basis.
   Just as every other businesses to be considered in this write-up, affiliate marketing is a more converting Business highly recommended for students and or any intended person.
The most interesting reason to consider affiliate marketing is that you don't need to pay for your affiliated company before registered.
You can start with companies like 'amazon,jvzoo,warriorplus,clickbank.
Those are good Incase you are able of selling digital products through a digital platform as well.
Companies offering affiliate opportunities where you can promote their physical products in Nigeria include ' Jumia,Konga, etc.

With the above listsed businesses, you can start making money from them as a student. Moreover,

If you feel we missed any legitimate business ideas for students,the comment section is open for more learning.

Hope to have you read our blog once again.


Thanks for reading our blog, we are set to serve you with more quality contents . cheers!

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30 legitimate business ideas for students in Nigeria
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